The Dayton Builders Exchange

The Dayton Builders Exchange (DBX) was created over 110 years ago as a single resource for area plans, project information and the latest industry news. Over the years, services expanded as membership grew, including a monthly publication, The Construction Journal, educational services, and recognition programs.

New industry technologies, Dayton's changing economy, and ever greater demands across sectors for greater productivity and precision have changed what the DBX offers to keep our design professionals, contractors, and material and service suppliers ahead of the pack.

The Dayton Builders Exchange is striving tore-event its historic role as the hub of the construction industry for the Miami Valley. The DBX has put an increased focus on providing a diverse array of employee and management education opportunities and industry development and promotion programs such as Team Building Night and the revision of the Recommended Construction Practices Manual.

A remodeled planroom, classroom, and reference library combined with its existing Board Room Facility allows the industry to have a centrally located place to come together formally and informally.

The DBX will continue to focus on its core role of providing timely and accurate construction reporting, plans, and specification services. Through our participation in the BXOHIO System, the DBX uses the latest technology available to bring our members information from ALL of OHIO with the time-saving tools to refine down that information to yield the best possible leads, give targeted statistical information, and powerful specification searches.