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Ohio's New Recreational Marijuana Law in Your Workplace

Bob Dunlevey


Legally Speaking
by Bob Dunlevey

Effective December 7, the use, sale and home growth of recreational marijuana by Ohio residents 21 years and older is lawful. What does this mean for the workplace?

How Will Legalized Marijuana Impact Ohio Employers?

Next Steps for Employers

Disability Accommodation


          In light of Ohio approving the use of medical marijuana in 2016 for those suffering from specific medical conditions, many employers have already adjusted to dealing with these issues. This new law presents few additional legal challenges for employers but does cause the need to make employees understand possession, use or being under the influence at work is still unacceptable.

          For more information, contact Bob Dunlevey, Board Certified Specialist in Labor and Employment Law, Taft Law, (937) 641-1743.

The Dayton Builders Exchange is in the planning stages for a panel discussion on this new law to be held in early January. The panelists will include speakers in the areas of Employment Law; Safety; and Workers Comp.  This session will be offered live and by webinar. More information coming out very soon.

All Builders Exchange Members remember that the Builders Exchange has a Legal Services Plan with Taft Law that entitles all members to one free phone call/conference per month.  Details are on the Builders Exchange Website.

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