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Safety Matters with Gary Auman

Safety Matters Webinar Series

with Gary Auman

(OCILB / KY 1 HR Health & Safety pending)


Tuesday, December 5, 2023
1:00 PM


Gary AGary Auman is the president of the law firm of Auman Mahan & Furry. He has the reputation of being a thoughtful management advocate before OSHA and has worked with OSHA at all levels regarding several issues including possible standards for fiberglass exposure and for the use of treated wood. He represents and advises employers before state and federal OSHA on compliance issues as well as defending them before OSHA in federal and state-plan OSHA states.


New Electronic Recordkeeping for OSHA

Gary will educate attendees on the new OSHA Electronic Recordkeeping Rule that goes into effect on January 1, 2024. He will provide instruction on the application of this rule to businesses. This will include a discussion of which business will find themselves covered by the rule and what the rule will require of them if they are covered by it. He will spend some time in providing recommendations for businesses that may wish to modify their accident investigation procedures, including how they may need to “fine tune” their existing procedures in light of this new rule. He will also discuss important decisions a contractor may face in how they investigate an accident, the decisions they make as they conduct their investigation and the importance of seeking expertise to ensure that they in full compliance with the new rule and with “good business.” Finally, Gary will address important questions as to decisions that will need to be made any time (including following an accident) OSHA citations issue following an inspection and the potential effects of making an incorrect decision.


Webinar Fee  $45

This session is also being offered LIVE!
Join us in the UFCW Building (Home of The Association Office)
7250 Poe Ave., Dayton
4th floor conference room


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