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Team Building Night Showcase Award

The Dayton Metro Library System has been selected to receive the prestigious Dayton Builders Exchange (DBX) Showcase Award.  The award will be presented in conjunction with the Exchange Annual Team Building Night scheduled for August 10th at the Carillon Park Eichelberger Pavilion.

The DBX Showcase Award is not presented every year.  It is only presented to projects that will have a major impact on the positive image of the Dayton Area, especially as seen by others from outside the area.

A decade ago, the voters of Montgomery County approved by a 62% majority, a massive $187 million bond issue to fund a system-wide library construction and renovation project called the Smarter Future Initiative. Ten years later, the library system is wrapping up its final project with the new Huber Heights branch opening.

The total program included 18 different projects varying widely in cost.  The goal was to use the entirety of the bond proceeds solely for the construction and renovations. 

The DBX selected the Smarter Future Initiative because it met all the criteria of the Showcase Award.  It has made a major positive impact on the Dayton Area for years to come, and not only beautifies the city, but will be an attraction for people to come to Dayton and make it their home.

Community Engagement Manager, Jayne Klose will receive the Outstanding Public Official Award. Jaybe was a major part of the success of the Future Initiative Proposal. Beginning with promotion of the Bond Issue through the completion of the last project in Huber Heights, ten years later

Come to Team Building Night on August 10th to be a part of the recognition of this Showcase Project(s).  Registration and Sponsor information is attached and can also be found on the Dayton Builders Exchange website, 

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