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Understanding Ohio's New Recreational Marijuana Law - Watch Recording Now!

Understanding Ohio's New Recreational Marijuana Law
What Construction Industry Employers Need To Know

Hosted by Builders Exchange of Dayton


The Dayton Builders Exchange understands that the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana presents new and unique challenges to Construction Industry Employers, especially in the area of employee recruitment and retention.

A panel of experts was assembled to try and guide you through this law and be available to answer specific questions you may have. This panel's experience and work areas overlap each other, which will allow you to have access to insights on this law from many different view points.

Understanding Ohio's New Recreational Marijuana Law

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**Note: Audio does not come into the video until 1:20


Meet Our Panelists


Bob Dunlevey

Employment Law – Robert Dunlevey, Taft Law.  Bob has been advising employers in all aspects of construction labor and employment law his entire career. He knows our industry.




Doug Jenks 2

OSHA / Safety – Douglas Jenks of the law firm Auman, Mahan and Furry.  Doug has many years with OSHA/Safety in the construction industry, as well as his knowledge in the area of Workers Compensation.




Julia Bowling

Workers Compensation – Julia Bowling of Sedgwick, Inc.  Sedgwick is the third party administrator for the Builders Exchange Workers Compensation Discount Program.  She will have insights as to how this new law may impact the BWC Discount Program Drug Free Workplace Policy requirements. 





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