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DBX Construction Conversation - 02/15/18

Please find below the  DBX January 2018 Construction Conversation. Below is a brief synopsis: 

Legislative: Bill to Allow Third Party Management  

New legislation proposes moving procurement for maintenance, repair, and retrofits from Ohio Facilities Construction Commission oversight to a private third-party under contract with the Department of Administrative Services.

Administrative: Transportation Agencies Announce Funding     

The Ohio Department of Transportation announced 12 new construction projects leveraging bond funding from the Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission.

Judicial: Construction Stature of Repose Applies Against Public Agencies   

In a landmark decision, the Fifth District Court of Appeals for Tuscarawas County issued its opinion that Ohio's Statute of Repose Ends all rights to sue designers after ten years from the date of substantial completion.

Legislative: Right-to-Work Initiatives    

Maximum voter turnout will be sought for a "six-pack" ballot initiative in the 2020 Presidential Election, to change the Ohio Constitution eliminating closed union shops by both private and public "Right-to-Work" initiatives.

Administrative: Prison Plumbing Projects  

The Ohio Facilities Construction Commission will take competitive bids in February and March on three Plumbing Projects at state correctional facilities, base bids estimated at $4.3 million.

Judicial: City Sewer Liability, Immunity Distinguished

The 11th District Court of Appeals for Lake County distinguished between fact situations when Ohio residents can sue a city for failure to maintain or repair its sewer system.

Legislative: Workers' Comp Group Self-Insurance   

New legislation would require the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation to write new rules allowing various employers to establish a self-insuring group for coverage.

Judicial: Arbitration Enforced   

Two appellate courts have enforced arbitration in construction, even when using a fictitious business name.

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DBX January 2018 Construction Conversation

The Construction Conversation
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