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DBX Construction Conversation - 01/18/18

Please find below the  DBX Construction Conversation. Below is a brief synopsis: 

Legislative: Right-to-Work Initiatives   

Ballot language will be introduced to change the Ohio Constitution to eliminate closed union shops, in both private and public “Right-to-Work” initiatives.

Administrative:   Government Construction in the New Year      

State and local government are announcing capital construction budgets as the new year begins. Ohio’s General Assembly will pass a Capital Bill by June 30, 2018, to fund construction of state buildings and highways for the following two fiscal years.

Judicial: Prime Contractor Insurance May Cover Subs      

The Ohio Supreme Court accepted a discretionary appeal to consider whether an owner may look to the prime contractor’s insurance for subcontractor workmanship defects. 

Legislative: Bills Carry Over to New Year       

Legislation introduced in 2016 but not yet passed into law will remain in consideration during 2018, including numerous bills relating to the construction industry.

Administrative:  OCILB Continues Enforcement      

The Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board cited sixteen trades contractors either for working without a license, or allowing unlicensed contractors to use another contractor’s license.

Judicial: Unlicensed Plumber Cannot Prove Damages       

An unlicensed plumbing contractor working on a residential project won a finding of contract breach by the homeowner, but no damages. 

Legislative: Statistical Benchmarks      

The Ohio General Assembly sent only 4% of bills introduced to the Governor for signature, introducing 692 bills during the first half of its biannual session.

Judicial: Supplier Must Sue in the Project County      

A court has held that a construction materials supplier enters into a “construction contract” and therefore must bring suit for payment in the Ohio county where the project is located.

DBX Construction Conversation

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