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DBX Construction Conversation - 03/15/18

Please find below the DBX Construction Conversation. Below is a brief synopsis:

Legislative: WBE; EDGE, MBE Reciprocity  

Two new bills would require state agencies to require state agencies to set women-owned business procurement goals, and to require reciprocity with other states for EDGE and MBE.

Administrative:   PUCO Underground Utility Enforcement   

The PUCO is enforcing violations of the underground utility laws, through its Underground Technical Committee, with the majority of hearings being against utility companies themselves.

Judicial: Mechanics' Lien Requires Proof of Claim 

Two new appellate case decisions detail basic tenets of Ohio's historic Mechanics' Lien law, including that the lien is not a self-affirming claim but only secures payment once the claim is proven otherwise.

Legislative: Capital Projects Appropriations      

As required by the Ohio Constitution, legislation to appropriate funds for capital projects for the next biennium will be introduced in March, the single most significant legislation to be considered before the State Senators and Representatives recess for the November election campaign.

Administrative:  OCILB Education Rules     

The Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board will implement a rule for online or computer-based courses for continuing education, limiting such to interactive media, prohibiting mere DVD or VHS review.


Legislative: Licensure Subject to Review     

Senate Bill 255 (Robert McColley, R, Napoleon) would require that every licensing board's authority expires after five years unless affirmatively renewed by the General Assembly.

Administrative: Multi-Million Projects    

The State announced a roofing project for $2.6 million, and a new-build estimated at over $30 million.

Legislative: Construction License Bills     

The General Assembly will consider licensing Home Inspectors and Interior Designers.

DBX Construction Conversation

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